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  • Information about Vladimir Putin
  •  Vladimir Putin's father and world war
  •  Putin's birth
He is the current President of the Russian Federation, and he is called the “Russian Bear”, and Putin is very popular in , and he is a veteran politician of the first class as he has been able to control politics in the whole world, which indicates Putin’s strength and great popularity.

 She chose Putin for the second time in a row as the strongest man in the world, and Putin is known to have a high physique that appears in his riding and other activities, but Putin's birth is a strange story that is almost a miracle that we will review for you in this article, in addition to some information about Vladimir Putin generally .

Information about Vladimir Putin

 Putin was born in St. Petersburg, in the year 1952, and Putin himself said about his birth and upbringing: “I came from a simple family, and I lived like any ordinary person.” Vladimir’s mother, whose name was “Maria,” worked in a factory, while his father was “Putin.” , works in the repair of train cars, during the Vladimir has a long career of work and diligence, before reaching the position of President of the Republic of Russia, where in 1996 he became Deputy Director of Administrative Affairs in the Russian Presidency, and then, specifically in 1998, he assumed the position of First Deputy Director of the Russian President’s Office, and became President of the Russian Federation for the first time. Once in the year 1999.
 Vladimir Putin's father and world war

 Vladimir Putin's father was one of the people who formed a resistance group in Russia during , to be against the Germans, during the resistance, and in the intensity of the Second World War, the group was chased in by the Germans, Putin hid in the bottom of a swamp, in which he could hardly breathe .

 Thus, he was able to miraculously escape death, and other situations that faced the Russian resistance versus the German resistance, from which Putin miraculously escaped each time, and after a while Putin took a vacation to return to his home.

 After Vladimir Putin's father returns home:

 After Putin was granted leave to return to his home, and near the house before he arrived, he found a military truck with a lot of corpses there, after his area was bombed by the enemy in the war, and the number of corpses was many, and they were going to be transported to a mass grave due to their large number And the absence of the family of each dead person to bury him in a private cemetery.

 Among those corpses loaded on the truck, he noticed a pair of shoes he had given to his wife before. Then Putin was terrified. Should he go home to check on his wife, or go to the truck to see who the woman in those shoes was? But he turned to the truck. To check the lady's face.

 The miracle of heaven is achieved to perpetuate the name of the Putin family:

 When Putin went to the truck to examine the woman's face, he found that it was indeed his wife, and not another woman with the same shoes, but then Putin decided that his wife's body should be taken from the truck, refusing to bury it in a mass grave, as he wanted it to be appropriately buried in a cemetery Especially, and here the miracle that is repeated only times through time occurs.

 Except several times in the world as a whole, as during the transfer of Putin's wife from the military truck to another place, it was discovered that she could still breathe slowly, and here the decision came quickly, as they took her to the nearest hospital, and the necessary procedures were done for her, and indeed she recovered. Putin's wife came back to life again,as if he saw death with his own eyes, then came back to life again.

 Putin's birth

 After Putin's wife fully recovered, and was released from the hospital, in circumstances considered miraculous, and two years after that strange incident, she gave birth to her son, "Vladimir Putin", who is now president , and one of the most powerful men in the world, as Forbes magazine called him, to be Their only son, after the death of his older brother after his birth.

 A group of successive coincidences was the reason for Vladimir's presence, had his father not returned at that time to the house, it would not have been discovered that his wife was actually still breathing, and she was still alive, and then she would have been buried with the other bodies, which were on the truck .

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